This Sunday we are starting a new series at the 6pm service called ‘Rescue is Coming’. We’ll be preaching through the Old Testament book Judges, a book that contrasts the moral decline of God’s people with the unfailing mercy of God.

The judges

Judges spans the time in Israel’s history between Joshua and Samuel. It follows 12 ‘judges’ who are more like military leaders rather than legal judges with a wig and a gavel. This is not a book of heroes, in fact many of the judges have little or no redeeming qualities. Instead the book is full of chaos, murder, violence, idolatry, abuse, deception, power-plays and debauchery.

The pattern

The main theme of Judges is the moral and spiritual downward spiral of the Israelites. Keep an eye out for the pattern that occurs six times throughout Judges:

Israel continuously rebels against God and yet time and time again God shows mercy and compassion. Regardless of their sin, God sends a deliverer to his people when they cry out to him.

The need for a King

This above pattern in Judges reveals the need for a righteous king, to lead the people to God (17:7; 21:25). We see this happen with the establishment of the Davidic monarchy (1-2 Samuel), but ultimately it points towards the need for a true and ultimate King, Jesus. Rescue is coming!

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