Hello and Happy New Year, Church!


We’re so excited about the year ahead and the many ways we’re going to pursue our mission of knowing Christ and making him known. In particular, it’s a great joy that in 2019 we’ll be employing two ministry interns: Chris Rothwell and Grace Jones. Chris enters his second year of the internship, while Grace is new to the program this year. Please see the video below for a brief introduction to Grace, and some information about how you can support her. And do look out for her in the coming weeks as she begins on January 21st!


To pledge your financial support for Grace Jones’ ministry internship, please follow this link and complete the form: https://wollongongbaptist.org/grace-j-support/

For a more detailed look at the role of a ministry intern, please view the ministry intern info pack here: https://wollongongbaptist.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/WBC-Ministry-Intern-20181121.pdf

If you have any further questions please contact our treasurer, Stephen Edgecombe, on [email protected]

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