Loving Our Neighbours During COVID-19

Written by Heidi Wood


With our church building closed, our usual activities suspended and almost all social gatherings banned it might feel like all our chances to share Jesus with those around us have vanished overnight. The sad reality is that many of our relationships outside our immediate families will be reduced to phone calls, video chats and quick snippets of conversation over the fence or from across balconies. I would like to encourage you that even though the way we relate to our neighbours and non-Christian friends may have changed, we can still share the good news of Jesus with them – we just need to be a little more creative! 


For many of our non-Christian friends and contacts their world is changing and so much is beyond their control; we have a huge opportunity to be speaking words of peace into the uncertainty and modelling hope in a time of suffering. Our world needs to hear the good news of Jesus more than ever, which Paul reminds us in Romans 1:16 “it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes.”


If you’re wondering where to start, one easy way is to let your neighbours know you’re there to help. Send them a message, give them a call or slip a note under their door. Make sure they have your phone number and you have theirs. Let them know you’re there for practical help, as well as conversation and company as needed. Do their shopping for them, check in every day, offer to tend their garden or put our their bins. Love them and if they ask why – tell them about Jesus and how much he did for those he loves!


Wollongong Baptist Church has created a resource for this purpose. You can print it out and fill in to slip under a neighbour’s door. Click on the following link to download: Love Your Neighbour


Or you could hand write a note; give examples of what you can help with, how they can contact you and that you’re here to support them.


“We love because he first loved us.” 1 John 4:19


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