The Illawarra is now home to large numbers of people from a very wide range or ethnic and religious backgrounds, and many Christians are keen to make friends and share the gospel of Jesus with them, across cultures.

Maybe you feel that God is leading you into cross-cultural work, or perhaps you’re already involved, and feel the need for more training and networking.

These videos were shot during the 6-week course run at Wollongong Baptist Church in August and September 2019. It was attended by people form a range of Illawarra churches. The course was based on the book, “Changing Lanes, Crossing Cultures”, written by three Australian cross-cultural practitioners to help Australian Christians engage with people from other faith and ethnic backgrounds. It’s available from Koorong Books here.

This video course consists of 6 videos, one for each week of the course, and covers such topics as the Biblical basis for cross-cultural ministry, the changing demographics in Australia, overcoming hindrances to effective ministry across cultures, how culture works, and the importance of leaders for effective cross-cultural ministry.

The course facilitator is Andrew Schachtel, one of the book’s authors, and a member of Wollongong Baptist Church.


Video 1 – Biblical motivation for Ministry across Cultures

The Bible has plenty to say about cross-cultural ministry. As we develop biblical convictions and become more like Jesus in the way we look at others, a passion for ministry across cultures will grow.


Video 2 – Our Churches’ Neighbourhoods

The demographic profile of Australia’s major cities has seen major changes in the past 20 years. Learning and trying to grasp what’s at work in the lives and cultures of those we hope to befriend is important as we relate sensitively and try to share Jesus in our relationships with them.



Video 3 – Hindrances in Cross-cultural Ministry

This video address hindrance commonly encountered as we engage in cross-cultural ministry, and explores approaches that help us to overcome them.


Video 4 – Increasing our Cultural Skills and Intelligence

This video looks at six cultural “lenses” through which we tend to see the world, and how understanding them can help to increase our cultural intelligence and skills, so that we behave and interact sensitively and appropriately with people from different backgrounds.


Video 5 – The Importance of Leadership and Management for Ministry across Cultures

This video explores the important roles that church leaders and planning play in cross-cultural ministry, and the way in which leadership styles can vary across cultures.

Video 6 – Where to from Here?

Building on the knowledge and skills that we’ve acquired over this course, this video suggests possible avenues of service and gives guidelines on relating deeply with, and sharing the good news of Jesus with, friends from different backgrounds.