Our story belongs to God’s grand story of redemption. We are a church that was created by Jesus, is built up by Jesus, and is united because of Jesus.




In 1932 Wollongong Baptist Church begun. In 1935 the first pastor Rev. Henry Clark was appointed and land at 69 Smith Street was purchased for 620 pounds and soon the first building was built. Over the next 30 years Wollongong Baptist Church help plant three other baptist churches at Port Kembla, Corrimal and Dapto. Then during the 1990’s and 2000’s Wollongong Baptist Church started non-English speaking services  such as the Spanish, Greek, Vietnamese, Chinese, Burmese and Karenni.


In August 2013 WBC commenced services at a larger building in 330 Keira Street Wollongong, after we sold our premises at Smith Street. Our commitment to teaching the bible and supporting mission has remained, but we have become an increasingly multi-cultural church, reflecting the growing diversity of cultures that form Wollongong today.


In January 2016 the church gained two new English pastors in Joel Deacon and Mark Roberts, to serve alongside our senior pastor Rod Bayley. Then later in the year because the 9:30am service was close to capacity the service was multiplied into 8:30am and 10:30am. As a church we are committed to being a multi-aged and mutli-cultural community which is why Sunday schools are at both services.




As a church, we love Jesus and want you to love him as well, which is why our mission statement is to know Christ and make him Known. As a church, we are praying that, under God, we will be able to start more services, plant more churches, and send more missionaries. Like God we desire all people, both in Wollongong and the world, to know Jesus. But to do this we need mission-minded radical followers of Jesus. If this is a story that you would like to play a part in, then why don’t you come to church this Sunday!