We will be digging into the Old Testament this term, as we tackle
the majestic book of Isaiah, one of the major prophets. In church
and in our home groups we will largely be studying the second
part of Isaiah’s prophecy from chapters 40 to 66, where a greater
note of hope enters the darkness that dominates the first part. We
will discover that it is both a comforting and challenging section of
God’s word, with themes ranging from God’s sovereign rule, to
idolatry and judgment, to the hope held out by the promised
servant, to a picture of the new heavens and the new earth.
Although God’s judgment on His people is drawing to an end,
and a return to the Promised Land is held out, the question of
whether God’s people have learned from their past failures hangs
over the whole narrative.


As we study Isaiah this term, we find ourselves in a unique period
as we continue to navigate a world-wide pandemic. The
background to this second section of Isaiah is their exile in
Babylon, a time of isolation for the nation. While captivity in a
foreign nation is clearly a different challenge to our current health
crisis, the underlying question in both situations is the same: ‘Will
we trust God?’ If we do wholly place our trust in God, we will
experience His perfect faithfulness.


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