Home Groups

Anytime is a great time to join a Home Group!

The pattern of the Christian life might be “Come as you are”, but it’s certainly not “Stay as you are”. We want our best days as Christians to be ahead of us, not behind us. That’s why we meet together in home groups – to help one another grow as disciples of Jesus.

Home groups from Wollongong Baptist Church meet weekly all over the Wollongong region. A typical gathering goes for around two hours, but groups aren’t so much an event you go to as a community you belong to.


Jesus’ family is diverse, and so are our groups. We don’t form our groups based on friendship circles, but rather on much stronger bonds that unite us in the gospel. That’s why we encourage groups to have a diverse range of ages, life-stages and backgrounds.

Why Join a Group?

For many people WBC, belonging to a home group is one of the best experiences of their Christian lives. We hope you’ll discover that your home group is a highlight of your week.

There’s really no better way to grow as a Christian that to commit to knowing and being known to others. 

Home groups are where we learn to follow Jesus in our daily lives. Home groups are the first point of call for pastoral care in our church. Belonging to a home group is like swimming between the flags and making sure you’re seen and cared for.

How to Join a Group

We want you to be in a group that works for you. Perhaps you might like to choose a group based on which Sunday service you attend, that way you you’re likely to see the the same people at least twice a week.


Our home groups run for one year at a time – sometimes continuing the following year, sometimes changing depending on the growth, leader transitions, and new opportunities. We’d love for you to try to commit to a group for the whole year.